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Creating Visuals (Infographics and Explainer Videos) For Learning – Resources

I’ve posted a few times about free images as well as getting creative with video for learning in the past. Here a few other resources I normally go to when creating animation, slide visuals, interactive eLearning content.

Whiteboard/Video Scribing or other Explainer Videos


Stock Photos and Cliparts

If you’d like to create better storyboards that narrow down your content and focus your story on what needs to be told, not whatever can be told, visit the Storyboard Depot (Storyboards for eLearning) by The eLearning Coach (Connie Malamed).

Here are some excellent job aids (tools) to help you create effective visuals, by Dan Roam (author of The Back of the Napkin).

Dan Roam’s “The 6×6 Rule” for Representing Information Visually


More details in a Prezi I created around infographics and explainer visuals creation for those that aren’t graphic designers.


UPDATED July 22nd, 2015 with Freepik link.


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