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Cutout Characters for eLearning and Media Production

You know that time when you’re working on an eLearning module in a known tool like Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Articulate Studio or Storyline and the characters are getting a bit repetitive for you  or won’t represent the population you want to portray in the experience?

Getting an entire scene to cut out your own characters might be out of the picture for you. Maybe you don’t have the time allocated for that task in your latest project? Or perhaps you think it’s too advanced a task to use a tool like Photoshop, or GIMP to do that manually… Whatever the reason, there are free images of cutout people that you can use immediately as characters in your eLearning module.

If you subscribe to a stock photography website, at no additional cost, you can search for images using keywords like “cutout person” filtering to only show PHOTOGRAPHIC (not illustration or vector). Here’s an example from Thinkstock Photos: http://www.thinkstockphotos.com/search/#cutout%20person/f=CPHVX/s=DynamicRank
Here’s a short list of free but limited resources for cutout people and character packs that will give you some fresh characters for immediate use:

Do you have other similar resources to recommend? Please share in comments.

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